Hillbilly Heaven’s hamburger stand!

Goshen, Utah – a small country town at the south end of Utah County, Utah has no business owners serving fast food! We want to bring them a hamburger stand and smoke some bbq!

Hillbilly Heaven’s hamburger stand business “Owner Vicki Owens” is in the process of being built so that she can start cooking hamburgers! Purchase an asset and help Vicki get the assets she needs to start a small business in her community and earn you additional revenue!

This is going to be a woman-owned business! She has incredible talents, let’s help her get started.

Below will be a list of the assets that are needed for Vicki to start her business.

Click on any picture below and it will take you to the asset and tell you all you need to know to make a purchase. Once your make your purchase and the asset is put to work, you will start receiving revenue from the asset that you have purchased and now own.

Food Trailer

We have a food trailer builder that will build this unit for Hillbilly Heaven. The owner is in need of the base unit plus the commercial appliances.

If you are interested in helping the owner put this asset to work, please contact us.

The builder can either build the base unit as a solo asset, or they can add the extra equipment in and it will be turn-key.

The price listed will be turn-key. Please contact us about available options.

Single Door Refrigerator x 2

Every hamburger stand must have a commercial refrigerator. Although there is limited space on the food trailer, this tall upright refrigerator will keep all the hamburgers and vegetables cold.

We do separate the hamburgers from the vegetables so there is a need for a second refrigerator.

Single door merchandising freezer

As customers purchase our great-tasting hamburgers, we will give them the opportunity to buy beef by the pound to take home.

We will put our branded hamburger into this merchandising freezer.

Single Door Merchandising Refrigerator x3

Got milk? Our customers will need something to drink. This single-door merchandising refrigerator will hold a variety of drinks.

Where there is demand there is also opportunity. We will also be hosting two additional refrigerators selling produce and other goods that are not readily available in the area.

Gas Commercial Griddle 48″

This 36″ grill will bring added space to our grilling game. Whether we are toasting buns or making pancakes, we are sure to be able to serve a lot of customers!


On weekends we smoke brisket, pork butts, whole chickens, and wings. This smoker will get the job done!

Griddle For Grilling!

Time to get grilling those smash burgers! Blackstone has a great grill that is so much less expensive and helps keep those costs under control! It is also portable.

Blackstone Smashburger Toolkit

Every chef needs his tools to perfect his craft! Smashburger’s need a smasher.

Twin Fryer for Frying Spiral Fries! x2

Vicki the owner has chosen to start off with spiral fries. Nothing like bringing in the feel of the fair!

There are several different versions of spiral fry cutters. This commercial cutter will work great. The process is to actually run the potato spirals into a square bowl and then drop them into the fryer.

Vigor 1/6 Size 2 1/2″ Deep Stainless Steel Potato Pan

Fair Food! We shred the potato into spirals and smash them down into this cute little pan and they come out in the form of a square.

Ventilation Hood and Fire Suppression

The county fire code requires ventilation and fire suppression. This is offered in 4,’ 6,’ and 8,’ basically the with of your grill.

Fire Suppression System for Captive Air Hood System

A fire suppression system protects against possible fires in fryers, grills, range types, broilers, and woks. It is mandatory by both County regulations and Insurance mandates.

Stainless Steel Bench 24″ by 60″ Prep Table

Prep prep prep! So much to do with so little time. This 24″ by 60″ table will keep things clean while also keeping things organized and give our employees space to work!

Metro Hot Holding Cabinet 120 volt.

When cooking hot foods of any kind, after they are finished, they must be kept at a minimum of 135 degrees at all times. This hot holding cabinet is a must-have for anyone barbecuing and holding the meat after it is finished. Metro Hot Holding Cabinet quantity

Nemco 6055A-43 Countertop Food Warmer

Food Service requires that your hot foods be kept at a minimum temp of 135 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. Sometimes the circumstances do not require a full-size holding cabinet. We want to save energy anytime we can.

100 Lb Steel Propane Cylinder POL Valve

We have a blueprint of the trailer that we will be using. We know exactly where each appliance will be located.

We will be using both electricity and propane in our food stand.

The trailer will be stubbed

Typically a food stand will have 2 – 100 lb tanks.

Mr. Bar-B-Q® Propane Tank Level Gauge

Tank regulators are a necessary component of the propane setup. The regulator lets you know the propane levels in your tank and it also has a level safety shutoff. If for some reason your tank tipped over, the propane flow would stop.

Mr. Heater 75,000 BTU 12-Foot Propane Hose Assembly

We have 4 appliances that require propane. Two fryers and two grills.

The trailer will have one mainline running along the wall. From the mainline, there will be 4 stub attachments where the hose will connect and run from the mainline to the appliance.


Dry goods such as cups, plates other styrofoam containers can all be stored up above the main working areas in locations that make it each to reach and use.


It may seem odd, but health departments require a three-sink system in every food establishment.

Rinse, Wash, Sanitize!

10 in Faucet with 8 in Centers

There are several types of faucets available. This is one of them.


Every food establishment must have a separate hand wash sink. With its own soap and “washing hands reminder!”

San Jamar P9712 Condiment Pump Service Center – 2 Wells

Fry sauce and ketchup! With smash burgers and spiral fries, we go through a lot of sauce!

3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator

Every hamburger stand needs electric power to provide electricity to the appliances that need it and to provide flexibility.