Captive-Aire Systems, Inc. R-102-8 8ft Fire Suppression System for Captive Air Hood Systems


The Utah County fire department and Health department require a fire suppression system in tandem with the ventilation system.

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–  Low pH Agent
– Proven Design
– Reliable Gas Cartridge Operation
– Aesthetically Appealing
– UL Listed – Meets Requirements of UL 300 –  ULC Listed – Meets          Requirements of ULC/ORD-C1254.6
– CE Marked


The ANSUL® R-102™ Restaurant Fire Suppression System is an automatic, pre-engineered, fire suppression system designed to protect
areas associated with ventilating equipment including hoods, ducts,
plenums, and filters. The system also protects auxiliary grease extraction equipment and cooking equipment such as fryers; griddles and
range tops; upright, natural charcoal, or chain-type broilers; electric, lava
rock, mesquite, or gas-radiant char-broilers; and woks.
The system is ideally suitable for use in restaurants, hospitals, nursing
homes, hotels, schools, airports, and other similar facilities.
Use of the R-102 system is limited to indoor applications or locations
that provide weatherproof protection within tested temperature limitations. The regulated release and tank assemblies must be mounted in
an area where the air temperature will not fall below 32 °F (0 °C) or
exceed 130 °F (54 °C). The system must be designed and installed
within the guidelines of the UL/ULC Listed Design, Installation,
Recharge, and Maintenance Manual.

System Description

The restaurant fire suppression system is a pre-engineered, wet chemical, cartridge-operated, regulated pressure type with a fixed nozzle
agent distribution network. It is listed with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.


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