Life Sketch

You can now share the history and life of your loved ones!

I was driving down the highway the other day on the way to Arizona, and we passed by a cemetery.

The thought occurred to me, “I wonder what all those people were really like?”

Could we tell their stories? Could we bring their stories back to life? I wanted to walk up to a headstone and know the life story of that individual! Well now you can!

We brought together a webpage, a QR Code, and a database! Now we are able to bring back the lives of your ancestors, one by one!

This simple QR code, conveniently placed on the headstone of your loved one or other ancestor, will bring them back to life, for anyone who passes by.

Simply take a picture of the QR code while it is attached to the headstone, and the loved one will come to life right there on any smartphone!

Try it out! Take a picture of this QR code!

Malachi 4:6 “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers”