Purchase an asset from a small business in your community, earn income and build your future!

Here is how it works:

From the list of businesses

  1. Choose the business that you are interested in.
  2. That business will have a list of assets that they need for their business to operate.
  3. From their list, choose the asset you would like to purchase, which will then be used in the business that you are interested in.
  4. Your asset is then delivered to the business that you chose.
  5. As your asset is put into service, you then receive a portion of the revenue from that business, for the use of your asset, that you own.

Let your assets earn you revenue!

This flat grill, and even the spatula, are examples of assets that you could choose to purchase for a local hamburger stand!

Each small business listed will have a list of assets that are available for purchase for those who want to partner with a small business in the community. You will have the ability to purchase an asset, see it put to work and earn income from the asset.

Your Revenue Stream

Help us help you earn an additional revenue stream!

When you purchase an asset, you partner with a small business and give yourself the ability to create and sell a product, and receive revenue!

The revenue you receive will be based upon the total percentage of assets that you have purchased from the small business’s total assets available. If you own 10% of the assets, you earn 10% of the net income.


Our mission is to connect small local businesses with members of their community who would like to own a part of a business. We invite you to purchase an asset, become a part of your local community business, and earn revenue! We can answer all of your questions, just ask!