Mr. Bar-B-Q® Propane Tank Level Gauge


  • Propane tank gauge
  • Built-in leak detection system
  • Brass construction
  • Suitable for use on any propane appliance with Type 1 connection
  • Ideal for grills, boating, and RVs
  • Designed with emergency flow control
  • Features an automatic shut off
  • Includes a leak detector
  • Designed with an easy to read color-coded analog gauge
  • UL-approved propane tank gauge
  • Shows you how much gas you’ve got left in the tank again
  • Instructions and warnings inside the package


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With the Mr. Bar-B-Q Propane Tank Level Gauge you’ll never guess how much you’ve got left in the tank again. It can be used with grills, boats, RVs and all propane appliances with a Type 1 connection. The propane tank level gauge features emergency flow control, an automatic leak detector and color analog gauge, making it safe and easy to use and read.


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