Starter Water Treatment Kit


This is an all-inclusive water treatment pack,  The first kit is included in the beginning asset package.

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Northern Lights Starter Chemical kit contains everything you will need for clean healthy water including balancers, sanitizers, and specialty chemical cleaners.


  • 0.75 Kg Bromine Tablets
  • 1L Mineral-Aid
  • 1Kg Oxy Pur
  • 750 g Alka Rise
  • 750 g Cal-Rise
  • 750 g pH Booster
  • 1 kg pH Reducer
  • 500 ml Sea Blue
  • 500 ml Anti Foam
  • 500 ml Nature Pur
  • Deluxe Floating Dispenser
  • Aqua Check Red test Strips (50 strips)
  • 500 ml Prevent II water conditioner


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