Hot Tub Cover Lifter


  • Easy Installation with under-base design!
  • Easy cover lifting due to gas spring system!
  • Perfect seal every time!
  • Eliminate spa cover waterlogging and mold growth!

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Now you can lift your heavy or waterlogged cover so that you can fully enjoy your spa! Let the Spa Caddy Cover Lifter do the work of lifting and also of resealing the cover to the spa. 

Now your cover will seal perfectly every time.  The cover will not slip into the spa water when trying to re-seal your spa, adding water weight to your cover and possibly even promoting mold growth. No need to worry, as the cover lifter ensures a picture-perfect seal every time!

Fastening your cover lifter to your hot tub is as easy as sliding the metal base under your tub, the addition of a few screws ensure permanent adhesion. Once it is installed your cover can be easily lifted for years! 

Take advantage of the gas spring design, and effortlessly lift and lower your cover!

Perfect for spa users who have harder times lifting heavy weights, or for busy hot tub users who just want to get in and get out of their spa without worrying about the hassle of lifting and sealing their heavy cover.


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