Bluetooth® Outdoor Padlock


We put a blue tooth padlock on all of our cedar hot tubs! This ensures that the patrons who rent the tubs will be allowed to access their tubs at the times they reserved them.

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  • Includes Master Lock Vault Enterprise IOS and Android app, and web interface, designed for business applications working with many locks and many users.
  • Use your smartphone to open and manage your lock with the Master Lock Vault Enterprise app
  • No keys to lose, no combinations to forget. No unauthorized key duplication.
  • Backup access using directional code on the lock keypad
  • Share access with others – temporary or permanent
  • Easily monitor access with robust data and audit trails
  • Low battery notification & reminder on padlock and in-app
  • Comes with easy to replace CR2 battery
  • Battery jump allows for temporary access if the battery dies while locked


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